DC FAN 40X40X28mm

Size: 40*40*28mm.
Motor: Brushless DC Motor
Motor protected: 1,Polarity + impendence
Frame(Houseing): PBT + 30% fiber glass black color UL94-0
Impeller: PBT + 30% fiber glass. Black color, UL94V-0.
Lead wire: 1007#22AWG. UL/CSA.
Insulation resistance: Min.10M Ohm at 500 VDC between terminal and the frame.
Bearing type: B: 2 ball bearing. Sleeve bearing S: one Sleeve bearing
Operating Temp: Ball bearing: within-20~80 degree C
Sleeve bearing: within -10~56 degree C
Life expectancy: Ball bearing: 50,000 hours at 60 degree C.
Sleeve bearing: 20,000 hours at 45 degree C.
Above measurements humidity at: 65%+-15%.
Safety Approvals: CE
CONNECTOR: L: lead wire